AA is an architectural office founded by Cristina Goberna Pesudo in New York City in 2008.
Through different media its work proposes futures by the exploration of the potential of Agonism or positive dissensus to reveal spaces frequently forgotten by the discipline, and their relation with politics, society, culture and the environment.

AA’s production has been widely and internationally awarded, published (A+U, Log, Volume, Bauwelt, Domus etc.) exhibited in Biennials (Venice, Hong-Kong, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Chicago, Spain etc.) and museums/galleries around the world (MoMA, Guggenheim, Centre Georges Pompidou, Chicago Art Institute among many others). AA’s work has been acquired by the Centre George Pompidou (Paris) and the Chicago Art Institute (Chicago) for their permanent collections.

AA’s believes in the idea of “Less Competition and More Collaboration” among individuals, governments, ecosystems and institutions and has worked in horizontal structures and close collaboration with others since its formation.
AA is against any kind of labor exploitation in architecture, education and culture, from unpaid or low paid internships to unpaid culture production of any kind.
AA supports the visibilization of motherhood and single motherhood in the professional realm and works to imagen structures that create better futures for this often discriminated group.
AA is, and always will, be pro-diversity, pro-sexual freedom and against hate speech or climate change negationism in any of its forms.