CRISTINA GOBERNA PESUDOis an architect, critic and university professor director of Architectural Agonism, which she founded in New York City in 2008. She works for museums, governments and institutions asconsultant in architecture, cities, critical thought and as organizer/frequent speaker in international round tables, juries, events and lectures. She is an architectural critic for the magazine El Ministerio de Ctxt.

Her production has been widely and internationally awarded, published (A+U, Log, Volume, Bauwelt, Domus etc.) exhibited in Biennials (Venice, Hong-Kong, Lisbon, Buenos Aires, Oslo, Chicago, Spain etc.) and museums/galleries around the world (MoMA, Guggenheim, Centre Georges Pompidou, Chicago Art Institute among many others). AA’s work has been acquired by the Centre George Pompidou (Paris) and the Chicago Art Institute (Chicago) for their permanent collections .

She has taught among other places at Columbia University GSAPP (New York), MIT (Cambridge, Boston), Cooper Union (New York), Royal College of Art (London), Sydney UTS (Sydney), BAU (Barcelona) or IE University (Madrid), institutions where she has coordinated various courses, thesis and research projects.

She is a PhD Candidate at the RMIT University Architecture and Urban Studies School (Melbourne) Research Through Practice Program. As Fulbright grantee, she was educated at Columbia University (New York), the European Graduate School (Saas-Fee, Switzerland), New York University, ETSAB, MACBA Independent Studies Program PEI (Barcelona), ETSAB (Barcelona) and ETSAS (Sevilla).

After 13 years in New York she is currently based in Barcelona from where she works internationally and locally.


-PhD Candidate in Architecture and Urban studies, RMIT University, Melbourne. -PhD Candidate,  European Graduate School, Philosophy, Art and Critical Thought Section, Saas Fee, Switzerland.
-Visiting Scholar, Institute of Fine Arts, New York University
-Graduate Certificate in Advanced Architectural Research, Graduate School of Planning and Preservation of Columbia University (GSAPP)
-Master of Science in Advanced Architectural Design, Graduate School of Architecture, Planning and Preservation, Columbia University (GSAPP)
-Harvard Business School online Certificate, Entrepreneurship Essentials
-Rotterdam International Architecture Biennale, The Form and the City Masterclass, Berlage Institute, Rotterdam
-PhD Candidate UP Barcelona (ETSAB) Researcher Sufficency Certificate (DEA)
-Independent Studies Program of Contemporary Art Criticism (PEI), Museum of Contemporary Art of Barcelona (MACBA)
-Master in Structural Design, Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla,  (E.T.S.A.S)
-Bachelor in Architecture (7 years program), Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Sevilla,  (E.T.S.A.S)


-Architectural Agonism, Founder and Director (New York, Sydney, Barcelona)
-Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, Founder Partner (New York, Sydney, Barcelona)
-The Automatic Architecture School, Founding Partner (New York)
-Van Alen Books Curator and Manager, Van Alen Insitute, (New York)


-Visiting Professor, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Department of Architecture 
-Adjunct Assistant Professor, GSAPP, Columbia University (5 years) 
-Adjunct Assistant Professor, Barnard College and Columbia College, Columbia University, New York
-Visiting Professor at the Royal College of Art, Master of City Design Program , London
-Vissiting Professor and Thesis course Coordinator, Irwin Chaning School of Architecture, The Cooper Union, New York  
-Associate Professor of Practice, Architecture School, Illinois University
-Senior Lecturer Professor, and course coordinator Sydney UTS
-Faculty at BAU , Escola de Disenyo, Barcelona
-Faculty at IE University, Design School, Madrid
-Faculty at the Independent Studies Program, Museum of Contemporary Art (MACBA), Barcelona
-Faculty at the Institut de Humanitats, Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona (CCCB)


-Juror for the competition for the curator of the Spanish Pavilion at La Biennale de Venezia di Architettura 2023
-Juror at Europan Norway competition
-Juror at MOMA PS1 Young Architects Program Competition
-Juror at The Architectural League of New York Architects Forum Competition 

-Guest juror in Thesis reviews, Master and undergraduate programs at the MIT, Columbia University, Pratt Institute (Nyc), Princeton SOA, Syracuse University, The New School (Nyc), IKA Vienna, The Royal College of Art (London), BAU (Barcelona), Yale University, Sydney UTS, etc…

Invited by the search committees to apply for the Dean positions of Cooper Union School of Architecture, New York, the Chicago University at Illinois School of Architecture and CUNY, New York.

Curatorial and Consultancy

-Lecture Series curator at University Technology Sydney UTS School of Architecture
-Epic Saloon debates curator , New Museum New Ink Columbia Univ Program, New York 
-Van Alen Books bookstore curator and manager, Van Alen Institute, New York
-Architecture as Double Secret Agent Talk Series curator, GSAPP, Columbia University
-Replica Talk Series curator, GSAPP Columbia University, New York 
-Thesis Talk Series curator, Cooper Union, New York
-Winner of the competition for the curator position at Mural Arts Program, Philadelphia 
-Art Director of CIRCUIT, Moda Arte, Barcelona

-Consultant expert in cities for the Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona (CCCB)
-Consultant expert in cities and preservation for the Barcelona’s Town Hall
-Consultant expert in housing for the Netherlands Architecture Institute
-Consultant expert in public space for the Centro de Cultura Contemporanea de Barcelona (CCCB)

Prizes, Fellowships and Grants

-Fulbright Grantee
-Caja Madrid Grantee
-Fellowship at the New Incubator, GSAPP Columbia University, New Museum, New York
-Graham Foundation Grant
-Alejandro de la Sota First Prize, Tarragona Architecture Biennial
- American Institute of Architects AIA New York New Practices  Price winner
-Guggenheim Helsinki Museum competition (finalist)
-MOMA PS1 Young Architects Program (finalist) 
Design MIAMI/BASEL Architects Program, (finalist)
-New Velodrome for Medellin, Colombia, International competition (winner)
-Europan 11, 9, 8, 7 (1st price, 1st price, 2nd price and Honoray Mention)
-Young Architects Forum Prize of the Architectural League of New York,( winner)
-Kinne Trip Prize  GSAPP, Columbia University (winner)
-Selected to represent Columbia University at the Rotterdam International Biennial
-Best project prize at Bernard Tschumi studio, GSAPP, Columbia University (winner)
-MACBA Independent Study Program Full Grantee

Lectures and Talks

-“Avantgards, Architecture and Care”, moderation of roundtable Architectural Festival MODEL Barcelona, 2023
-“Citizenship and Cities”, moderation of roundtable at SUMMIT II of REDES, IAAC, Barcelona, 2023
-“Architectural Agonism”, LA Salle, Barcelona, 2023
-“Architectural Agonism Latests Works”, Aarus University, 2022
-“The Potential Of Resistance”, NYIT, Venice Biennial, 2021
-”The Architecture of Desire”, Symposium, New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)  at the  Venice Biennial (May 2021)
-”The Architecture of Desire”, BAUHAUS University, 2021
-”The Architecture of Desire”, Quito, Universidad Central de Ecuador, 2020
-”The Architecture of Desire”, Thesis Symposium, Rhode Island school of Design (RISD), 2020
-”The Architecture of Desire”, at From Here For Now lecture series, Melbourne School of Architecture, 2020.
-”Architecture and Desire” and official launch of Epic Press, Fulfilled Symposium, Knowlton School of Architecture, Ohio, USA, 2020
- Official Launch of Epic Salon with guest artist Stanislava Pinchuk, New Museum, New York, 2019
-“Thesis” Symposium at the Cooper Union School of Architecture, 2019
-“Epic Architecture” New Incubator, New Museum Columbia University, 2019
-“Epic Architecture: The Book of Sins”, Harvard GSD, Boston, 2018
-“Epic Architecture, The Book of Sins”, The Royal College of Arts, London, 2018
-“Epic Architecture: The Book of Sins”, MIT, Boston, 2018
- Contexts, ETSAM, Madrid, 2018,
-“Latest Works”, Milano Architectural Week, Triennale de Milano, 2017
-“OE House”, Milano Archi-Marathon, Milan 2017
-“Architectural Fictions: Liam Young”, Roundtable at GSAPP, Columbia University, 2017
-“On Replicas”, Syracuse School of Architecture in Florence, 2017
-“Global Architectural Atlas”, roundtable organized by Alejandro Zaera, COAM, Madrid, 2017.
-“Experimental Preservation”, book launch roundtable at AHO, Oslo School of Architecture, Oslo Architectural Triennial, 2016.
-“On Agonism, Public, Space, and Public Space, Tulane School of Architecture in Rome, 2016
-Fake Industries Architectural Agonism, KTH, Stockholm School of Architecture, 2016
-Fake Industries, Agonism and Architectural Pedagogy, Oslo Architectural Triennial Academy, 2016
-“4,000 images, 44 images, 2 images” at Fieldwork Conference, UTS, Sydney, 2016.
-“Treatise: Why Write Alone?”, Graham Foundation, Chicago, 2015
-“FKAA”, Guggenheim Museum Forum, Helsinki 2015
-“European Urbanity” Roundtable at the EUROPAN Forum of Cities Conference, Bratislava, 2015
-“Can Architecture be Agonistic?” Tabakalera Donostia, 2015
-“From Chicks to Velodromes, Architecture and its Semi-Autonomy”, Melbourne School of Design, 2015
-“What’s Your Tome?” Melbourne Art Book Fair, 2015-“Success”, AIA Sydney, 2015
-“Orquideorama”, Sydney UTS, 2015-“Next Up: Podcasting the Future of Architecture”, Chicago Art Biennial, 2015
-“Guggenheim Helsinki”, Sydney UTS ISD, 2015
-“Guggenheim Helsinki”, Terroir, Sydney 2015-“ROOMS”
Chicago Art Institute School 2015
-“ROOMS” Lecture series of Winners of the AIA New York NEW PRACTICES 2014
-“REPLICA” TED talk, Madrid, 2014
-“FKAA” Studio X Rio de Janeiro, GSAPP, 2014
-“Tiene Genero un Intelectual Publico?”ArquitectAs, conference on Gender and Architecture, ETSAS, Sevilla, 2014
-“FKAA and The New Velodrome of Medellin” lecture at GSD Harvard University, 2013
-“Architect as Public Intellectual”, lecture at conference, BEING, 30th Anniversary of  Storefront for Art and Architecture, 2013
-“Replica” lecture at E.T.S.A.M, Madrid School of Architecture, 2013
-“Replica” lecture at E.S.A.A, Alicante School of Architecture, 2013
-“Replica”lecture at Bartlett School of Architecture, London, 2013
-“Replica” lecture at Manchester Architecture Research Center, 2013
-“Replica” lecture at MAC, Contemporary Art Museum, Santiago de Chile, 2013.
-“Replica” lecture at Oslo School (AHO) of Architecture, Spring 2013.
-“Under the Influence” conference at MIT School of Architecture, Cambridge, Boston, 2012
-“Pro+Agonist: The Art of Opposition”, lecture at Great Hall of Cooper Union, 2012
-“Europan: Bauen als Diskurs”. Lecture at HAD Hous der Architektur, Graz, Austria, 2012
-Roundtable ”Young Architects of Spain” Great Hall of Cooper Union, 2012
-“Roundabout Prophylactics” lecture at Europan 11 International Forum of Results, Vienna, Austria, 2012

Exhibitions of Works

-“The Architecture of Desire”, exhibition Fulfilled, Knowlton School of Architecture, Ohio, USA, 2020
- “The Book of Sins” at “What is an Ornament?” exhibition, Triennial de Arquitectura de Lisboa,  2019
- UNFINISHED, exhibition, City College Nueva York, 2018
- Seoul Architecture Biennial 2017 participant
- Istanbul Design Biennial 2016 participant
- Venice Architectural Biennial 2016, “Unfinished” Exhibition, Spanish Pavilion, (Golden Lion Prize) 2016
-“Occupy “Exhibition, RMIT, Melbourne, 2016
- Bienal Espanola de Arquitectura, 2016
-“Fieldwork”, exhibition at Art and Architecture UTS gallery, Sydney, 2016
-“Une histoire, art, architecture et design, des années 80 à aujourd’hui” exhibition at the Centre Pompidou, Paris, 2015-16
- “OE House”, Spain. Building completion, 2016-“Indo-Pacific Atlas” at the Chicago Architectural Biennial, 2015
-“Guggenheim Helsinki”, Kunsthalle Helsinki- Chatter, Architecture Talks Back”, Chicago Art Institute, 2015
-“Archivo/Italia”, Italian design in the collection of Archivo Diseño y Arquitectura Exhibition, Mexico design Week, 2015
-“Measure” Storefront for Art and Architecture, 2015
-“Couples&Co: 22 Mirror Stories from Spanish Architects”, Spanish Embassy, Berlin, 2015-“Export: Spanish Architecture Abroad”, ICO Museum, Madrid, 2015
-“Treatise, Why Write Alone?”, Graham Foundation, 2015
-MOMA PS1 Young Architects Program 2014, MOMA, New York, 2015 -AIA New York Chapters New Practices Winners 2014. AIA, New York
.-“GSAPP Faculty Selected Works”, GSAPP, Columbia University, New York, 2014
-“Arguably Built by Aliens Book of Copies” Installation for San Rocco Magazine at the AA Architectural Association, London, 2014
-“Architectural Agonism: Architecture as Double Secret Agent” EOYS, GSAPP Columbia University, New York, 2013
-“Continues Formica Redux”, Future Futures, Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, 2013
-“Neufert Re-Enactments”, 0047 Gallery, Oslo, 2013
-“AM flowchart” Installation for the Europan Implementations Exhibition at Graz, fall 2012
-“Arguably Built by Aliens Book of Copies” Installation for San Rocco Magazine at the 13th Venice Architectural Biennale 2012, Venice,2012.
-“Replica-Reanimation of Fluxus-Free-Tour “Aleatoric Tour” of Mayo 6th, 1976” performance at Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, spring 2012.
-“The world is full of diagrams, more or less interesting; we do not wish to add any more” installation for the ExhibitionDiagramas at Ecole Spéciale d'Architecture, Paris, Spring 2012
-“Architectural Agonism: Architecture as Double Secret Agent” EOYS, GSAPP  Columbia University, New York-
-There is not Original Work in this Installation” Installation for the Shenzhen & Hong Kong Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism and Architecture, Shenzhen
-“FKAA Conservation Archive” Installation for the Buenos Aires Architecture Biennial,  Buenos Aires, fall 2011
-“Lisa and Leo Domestic Museum” Installation for Open house by Droog at Levittwon, New York, spring 2011 -“Architectural Agonism: Architecture as Double Secret Agent” EOYS, GSAPP  Columbia University, New York -“Crisis” Installation for the Architectural League of New York, New York, spring 2009.
-“Ay Caremelles!” Video Installation in public space for Metapolis, Barcelona 2009 international Architectural Festival M3, Barcelona, spring 2009.


-“La Importancia de Nada”, foreword for the catalogue of the exhibition “Fuerzas y Cuerpos” by the artista Paula Artés”, 2023.
-“Nueva York y la Destrucción de los Espacios de Libertad”, article for Ctxt magazine, 2023
-“Lara Almarcegui y la Observación Radical” article for Ctxt magazine, 2023
-“Un Futuro Optimista andte un Presente Incierto” article for Ctxt magazine, with David García Asenjo, 2023
-“Sostenibilidad, un catálogo de Ideas recibidas”, article for Ctxt magazine, 2022
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